Two Twenty Two Skin Care Studio stands apart from most smaller spa settings in that you get sophisticated, high end modalities and treatments without giving up the luxury of personal attention to your needs.
Microdermabrasion? Yes! L.E.D.? Of course. Oxygen therapy? Absolutely.

Skin Care

Every skin treatment is customized for you. We will begin with a framework for your facial, and adapt every step and application to address exactly what your face needs right now.





Oxygen Facial (75 min.) Medical grade O2 mist improves cell metabolism, neutralizes bacteria, hydrates and heals your skin like no other treatment can. Prevents post-facial redness and breakouts. Includes exfoliation, extractions, massage, and customized mask. $105.00
Deep Cleansing Facial (60 min.) Excellent treatment for congested skin. Focus is on extractions, refining pores, eliminating acne-causing bacteria, preventing future breakouts. A probiotic enzyme promotes healthy bacteria. Includes massage with clarifying balm and balancing mask. Oxygen therapy is not included. $90.00
Microdermabrasion Facial (75 min.) Crystal-free microdermabrasion gives you smooth, glowing skin without the gritty aftermath. Brand new microdermabrasion machine produces radiant results. Includes extractions, oxygen mist, massage, and a targeted post-micro treatment mask. $140.00
Express Facial (30 min.) This “mini” facial is designed to maintain your skin between more extensive treatments or as a refresher when you need a boost. No extractions. $55.00
Add-on L.E.D. therapy NASA developed light emitting diodes stimulate cell metabolism, enabling increased collagen production and absorption of nutrients. $20.00
Add-on Lactic acid peel Gentle alpha hydroxy acid softens skin without aggressive exfoliation. An excellent AHA peel for those with sensitive skin. $20.00
Add-on firming enzyme Anti-aging enzymatic micropeel combines probiotics with marine ingredients to firm and tone skin without aggressive exfoliants. $20.00
Add-on purifying charcoal mask Blue-green algae and active charcoal combine in a unique plastifying mask that draws excess oil and impurities from the skin. Recommended for congested, oily, or breakout-prone skin. $15.00
Add-on calming mask A cooling, regenerative plastifying mask for sensitive or reactive skin types. Soothing rose and aloe vera hydrate, reduce inflammation, and promote even tone. $15.00
Add-on Glycolic peel Alpha hydroxy acid improves fine lines, sun damage, dull skin. Deep exfoliation leaves your skin soft and luminous. $20.00
Back treatment (75 min.) A clarifying facial for your back. Includes deep exfoliation, pure oxygen spray, detoxifying massage, and targeted specialty mask. $105.00


Yes, of course I have the wax you love! There’s just no substitute for the smooth, gentle results you get from Lycon’s amazing Australian waxing system.





Brows $17.00
Chin $12.00
Brazilian $55.00
Brazilian and full legs $105.00
Brazilian and half legs $75.00
Bikini and full legs $80.00
Bikini and half legs $55.00
Bikini $30.00
Lip $12.00
Cheeks $12.00
Full legs $65.00
Half legs $35.00
Add back of legs to bikini/Brazilian $15.00
Full arms $35.00
Half arms $25.00
Stomach $15.00
Back + upper arms $55.00
Back $45.00
Chest $55.00
Lash and brow tint $35.00
Lash tint $25.00
Brow tint $15.00